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Title: 2005 Western Screech-Owl Inventory of the Central and West Kootenay Region

Authors: Jakob Dulisse and Marc-Andre Beaucher

Year: 2006

Report Abstract
This report presents the results of western screech-owl (Megascops kennicottii macfarlanei) surveys conducted in the Kootenay region during the spring of 2005 with notes on 2003 and 2004 results. Western screech-owls were detected near one historic breeding location (Beaucher and Dulisse 2004a) and at six new locations. All detection sites were located in or near riparian habitat with black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) wildlife trees present. A preliminary land status investigation of these six sites indicated that there are parcels of crown land at or near four of the detection sites which may have potential for Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA) designation under the Forest and Range Practices Act. In addition to these surveys results, four additional western screech-owl sightings were reported by reliable observers in the project area to make a total of 10 new sites for the 2005 season and approximately 22 local records for the past decade. These findings greatly increase our knowledge regarding the distribution of the western screech-owl in our region and will assist future conservation efforts.

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2005 Western Screech-Owl Inventory of the Central and West Kootenay Region

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