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Report Title
Location of Suspected Bat Hibernaculum1999
Survey of the Roost-Site Preferences of California, Western Long-eared and Long-legged Bats in the Pend d'Oreille Valley1999
Operation Bluebird Project - Study Results1999
A Preliminary Vegetation Classification of Avalanche Paths in the West Slopes Bear Study Area1999
Duncan Properties Wildlife Management Plan1999
East Kootenay Lynx Project - Lynx Habitat Selection and Suitability in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains - Annual Summary Report Yr 3 '98-991999
Old Forest Ecosystems Study Unit1999
Chipmunks (Tamias) of the Kootenay Region, British Columbia: Results of 1997 Field Studies1999
Status of the Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area - 1998 **APPENDICE CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL INFO**1999
Sumary Report: Chrysemys picta (Painted Turtle) Nest Site Enhancement Monitoring Red Devil Hill Nest Site at Revelstoke, BC1999
Badger Habitat and Ground Squirrel Survey Summary Report1999
East Kootenay Badger Project: 1998/99 Year-End Summary Report1999
Kinbasket Kokanee Enumeration (1998)1999
Abundance and Production of Zooplankton and Kokanee Salmon (oncorhynchus nerka) in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia During Artificial Fertilization1999
Kootenay Lake Rainbow Trout Questionnaire Results 1993/94-1995/96 and Data Trend Analysis, 1988-19961999
Norbury and Kikomun Creeks (Upper Koot enay River Basin) Kokanee Spawning Survey 19981999
Interactions of Nutrients and Turbidit y in the Control of Phytoplankton in Kootenay Lake British Columbia, Canada, 1964 - 19661999
The Duncan Bull Trout Telemetry Projec t 1995-19971999
Little Slocan River Landslide Rehabili tation1999
Life History Variation in Upper Arrow Lake Bull Trout, Salvelinus confluentus - Annual Progress Report1999
1998 Norns Creek Fish Habitat Enhancem ent Project - Final Report1999
1999 Pre-Freshet Monitoring Program fo r Norns Creek Restoration - Draft Report1999
White Sturgeon Investigations in Arrow Reservoir - 1998 Study Results1999
Arrow Reservoir Fertilization Project Plan 1999/20001999
Microsatellite DNA polymorphism in rai nbow trout from the Upper Arrow Lake and Kinbashet Watershed in BC: can "yellowfin" rainbow trout be identified..1999
Arrow Reservoir Trout Radio Telemetry - Interim Report 1998/991999
Tobacco Plains Wildlife Habitat Restor ation Plan1999
Enhancement Plans - Aldridge Creek, Ew in Side Draw, Dry Creek1999
Identifying Critical Habitats for a Vu lnerable Snake Species, The Rubber Boa1999
Slocan River Summer Temperatures in 1997 and 1998: Implications for Rainbow Trout Distribution and Production1999
Progress Report for a Study on Larval and Juvenile Burbot in the Upper Columbia (1998)1999
Progress of Research on the Early Life History of Burbot as the Basis of a Master's Thesis1999
Windermere and Luxor Creeks (Upper Col umbia River Basin) Kokanee Spawning Survey 19981999
Koocanusa Kokanee Enumeration (1998)1999
West Kootenay Mule Deer Ecology and Ha bitat Use in the South Salmo River Area - Working Plan 1996-20001999
West Kootenay Mule Deer (Progress Repo rt) April 01, 1996 - September 30, 19981999
Pre-incubation Inventory of Harlequin Ducks in the Salmo River Valley1999
South Selkirk Cougar Ecology and Preda tion Project 1998/99 Report1999
Wolverine Ecology and Habitat Use in t he Northern Columbia Mountains: Progress Report1999
Arrow Reservoir Limnology and Trophic Status Year Two (1998-1999) Report1999
Assessment of Rainbow Trout Passage at Three Man-made Obstructions on Blueberry Creek in 19991999
Slocan River Summer Temperatures in 1997 and 1998: Implications for Rainbow Trout Distribution and Production1999
West Kootenay Mule Deer Project Progress Report1999


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