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Report Title
The foraging and roosting ecology of the Myotis bats of the Interior Wet-belt, British Columbia1998
Three-Year Monitoring Program of Breeding Songbirds in Treated and Untreated Deciduous Stands on Frenchman's Ridge and Willowbank Mountain, 1996-19981998
Charbonneau Creek Northern Goshawk Nest Survey - Final Report1998
Forest Management Input: Avalanche Path Habitat Classification1998
Avalanche Habitat Classification1998
Marsden Wildlife Management Plan1998
East Kootenay Lynx Project - Lynx Habitat Selection & Suitability in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains - Annual Summary Report - Year 2 1997/981998
The Travelling Wetlands Roadshow visit to the West Kootenays October 19971998
Columbia Basin Ungulate Database Manual Version 1 Appendix 6 CBFWCP Ungulate Monitoring Plan1998
CBFWCP/HCTF Project Progress Report, Kootenay Wolverine1998
CBFWCP/HCTF Project Progress Report - Kootenay Wolverine - Fiscal Year 1998/991998
Wildlife Tree Creation Enhancement Project1998
Reflection Lake Wetland Assessment1998
CBFWCP - Habitat Enhancement Monitoring Strategy - Final Report1998
Broadwater Wildlife Management Plan1998
Hamlin Creek Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan1998
Landslide Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan - Passmore, British Columbia1998
Ecological and genetic features of tailed frog (Ascaphus truei) populations in the Kootenay Region1998
Summary Report: Chrysemys picta (Painted Turtle) Nest Site Enhancement, Assessment and Monitoring Red Devil Hill Nest Site at Revelstoke, BC1998
Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) at Mirror Lake: results of summer 1998 Investigations, With Recommendations for Future Monitoring and Enhancement1998
East Kootenay Badger Project: 1997/98 Year-End Summary Report1998
Improvement of Fish Passage in Harvey Creek for Adfluvial Bull Trout1998
Improvement of Fish Passage for Adfluvial Trout in Birch Creek1998
Improvement of Fish Passage Problems on Goldstream Creek1998
Murphy, Blueberry, Norns, Deer, Sproule & Barkshanty Creeks Inspections1998
Examination of Fish Passage Problems on an Unnamed Tributary of Bigmouth Creek1998
Kinbasket Kokanee Enumeration (1997)1998
Distribution, Food Habits and Survival of Kokanee Fry in the Upper West Arm of Kootenay Lake1998
Kootenay Lake Phosphorus Loading from the Kootenay and Duncan Rivers1998
The Response of the Freshwater Shrimp, Mysis relicta, to the Partial Fertilization of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia1998
Sproule Creek Fisheries Assessment, 19 971998
Distribution, abundance, growth, life history and feeding habits of Mysis relicta in Kootenay Lake, BC following experimental fertilization Year 6 96-71998
White Sturgeon Investigations in Arrow Reservoir and Slocan Lake, BC - 1997 Study Results1998
Painted Turtle Habitat Assessment - Mc Ginty Lake, BC1998
White Sturgeon Investigations in the C olumbia River, BC - 1997-1998 Study Results1998
Slocan and Salmo Rivers Temperature Mo nitoring - Summer 19971998
Progress Report for a Study on Larval and Juvenile Burbot in the Upper Columbia (1997)1998
Whitetail Creek Fish Population Assessment, 1997: Comparison of Pre- and Post-Enhancement Data1998
Summary of Juvenile Burbot Sampling in the Upper Columbia River Catchment, 19971998
Status of Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus alu taceus) in the Windermere and Columbia Lake Watersheds1998
Field Report on the Fish Habitats and Enhancement Opportunities of Tonkawatla Creek1998
Hill Creek Hatchery & Spawning Channel - Adult Kokanee Enumeration Summary 19981998
Hill Creek Spawning Channel - Kokanee Fry Enumeration Summary1998
Environmental Site Assessment Prelimin ary Investigation - Stage 1 Meadow Creek, British Columbia1998
Meadow Creek Spawning Channel - Summar y Report 1997 and 19981998
Koocanusa Kokanee Enumeration (1997)1998
Revelstoke Bear Awareness Program - 19 98 Final Report1998
Adult Kokanee Enumeration Summary 19981998
Kokanee Fry Enumeration Summary 19981998


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