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Report Title
A Survey of the Abundance Diversity and Roost-Site Preferences of Bats in the Pend D'Oreille Vallty, British Columbia1997
Upper Kootenay River Bat Survey1997
Conservation of the Saint Eugene Mission Townsend's Big-eared Bat (Plecotus townsendii) Colony1997
Northern Long-eared Bat Progress Report1997
Relative Abundance of Breeding Birds in Treated and Untreated Deciduous Stands on Frenchman's Ridge and Willowbank Mountain 1996 and 19971997
Lower Columbia Wetland Enhancement1997
Literature Review and Methodology for the Assessment of Forest Interior Habitat in the CBFWCP Plan Area1997
Evaluation and Tracking of Communication Programs1997
Kootenay Small Mammals Inventory - Phase I1997
Distribution and Habitat Association of Northern Pocket Gophers (Thomomys talpoides) in the Eastern Creston Valley, British Columbia1997
Columbia Basin, Large Mammal Monitoring: 1994-97 Aerial Surveys Final Report1997
Results of the Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program Survey1997
Status of the Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area1997
East Kootenay Badger Project: 1996/97 Year-End Summary Report1997
Donald Block 1995-96 Winter Moose Inventory1997
Kinbasket Kokanee Enumeration (1996)1997
Phytoplankton biomass, composition and size distribution of Kootenay Lake, BC following experimental fertilization (Year 5 1996)1997
Kootenay Lake Fertilization Experiment - Year 4 (1995/96)1997
Distribution, Abundance, Growth, Life History and Feeding Habits of Mysis Relicta in Kootenay Lake, BC Following Experimental Fertilization Year 5 95-61997
A Fisheries Assessment of Selected Arr ow Lakes Tributaries1997
Identification of Wildlife Enhancement Projects in the Koocanusa, Moyie and St. Mary's River Areas1997
Elk Valley Riparian Assessment1997
Identification of Wildlife Enhancement Projects in the Creston Kootenay Lake Area1997
Identification of Wildlife Enhancement Projects in the Kootenay Lake Slocan Area1997
Prescribed Burn Plan, Findle Range Uni t Saddle Pasture1997
Bull Mountain Wildlife Habitat Enhance ment Project1997
Duncan-Lardeau Enhancement Report for 1996-971997
Identification of Wildlife Enhancement Projects in the Creston-Kootenay Lake Area1997
The Northern Leopard Frog Rana pipiens in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area1997
Painted Turtle Crossing Assessment Eli zabeth Lake, Cranbrook, BC1997
Slocan River Side Channel Feasibility Study1997
Hill Creek Hatchery Assessment and Operating Plan1997
Expanded Ecosystem Legen Coleman Ranch /Broadwater1997
Expanded Legend to Ecosystems Fort She ppard Study Area1997
Lake Koocanusa Creel Survey1997
Koocanusa Kokanee Enumeration (1996)1997
Purple Loosestrife Project Report1997
Individual recognition of free-ranging black bears (Ursus americanus) and brown bears (Ursus arctos) using DNA fingerprints from hair samples1997
Field Collection of Bear Scat as a Cen sus Method and Food Habits of Bears in the West Slopes Area1997
Revelstoke Bear Awareness Program1997
West Slopes Bear Research Project Seco nd Progress Report1997
Sharp-tailed Grouse Inventory1997


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