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Report Title
A Survey of the Abundance Diversity and Roost-Site Preferences of Bats in the Pend D'Oreille Vallty, British Columbia1996
Relative Abundance of Breeding Birds in Treated and Untreated Stands on Frenchman's Ridge and Willowbank Mountain 19961996
Upper Arrow and Revelstoke Reservoir Raptor Nesting Survey1996
Cottonwood Stands: Columbia Marshes - DRAFT1996
Chipmunks in the Kootenays: Red-tailed Chipmunk Subspecies simulans1996
Frenchman's Ridge Pellet Plot Monitoring: A Preliminary Analysis of Results to Date1996
Pretreatment Analysis of Coliform Input Into Stoddart Creek From Ungulate Winter Range1996
Fisher Population Status: Robson Valley1996
Working Plan: East Kootenay Badger Project1996
Badger Ecology in the East Kootany: 1995/96 Year-end Summary Report1996
Twin Bridge Bull Trout Investigation1996
Revelstoke TSA Fisheries Inventory: 1996 Update1996
Environmental Impact Assessment Associated with Emergency Drawdown of the Revelstoke Reservoir1996
Kinbasket Creel Survey1996
Kootenay Lake Fertilization Experiment Year 3 (1994/95) Report1996
Distribution, abundance, growth, life history and feeding habits of Mysis relicta in Kootenay Lake, BC following experimental fertilization Yr 4 94/951996
Phytoplankton Biomass, Composition and Size Distribution of Kootenay Lake Following Experimental Fertilization (Year 4, 1995)1996
Arrow Lakes Rainbow Trout Broodstock C ollection1996
Identification of Wildlife Enhancement Projects in the Bull, Elk, Wigwam River Drainages and the Grasmere Area1996
Identification of Potential Wildlife H abitat Enhancement Projects in the Duncan and Lardeau Drainages and at the North End of Kootenay Lake1996
Upper Arrow Enhancement Area Identific ation1996
Arrow Lakes Enhancement Areas Identifi cation Project1996
A Herpetological Survey of 87 Wetlands in the Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife Compensation Area1996
Lower Columbia Tributary Fish Flow Assessment1996
Salmo River Inventory and Assessment1996
Expanded Biophysical Ecosystem Legend Wilson/Stegleap South Slopes1996
Purple Loosestrife Project Report1996
The Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse in t he East Kootenay1996


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